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Railsware is a product studio. Since 2007, we have shaped our craft in product management, engineering, design, and marketing. Now, we apply it to both solutions for clients and our own products. Clients hire us to build and implement an entire product strategy, from the ground up.
13 января 2020

Technical Writer (freelance) (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, Краков (Польша), удаленно

Необходимые навыки

🔹Experience in writing technical content and data-driven approach to its creation
🔹Professional English Skills (speaking and writing — impeccable grammar and spelling knowledge)
🔹Strong technical background.
🔹Ability to organize yourself and manage time to work as a freelancer
🔹Experience in working in/with tech companies



You will create high-quality content that covers different aspects of email-related technologies: tools and infrastructure for sending and testing. We expect you to do a comprehensive research of the topic and always make sure that the content fits the key success metrics.

О проекте

🔸You are a geek, who writes high-quality technical content and knows how to make it readable and clear.
🔸English is one of the languages you are fluent in.
🔸Simplifying engineering texts puts a smile on your face.
🔸Your content pieces make both newcomers and old hands interested in the topic. Those have what it takes, so people want to read them.
🔸You can spend hours digging into a new topic to make your content better.
🔸You are a well-organized “getting-things-done” person looking for an outstanding freelance project.

If that’s the description of you, why waiting so long? Prepare your portfolio, click the link, and let us know that we should do something great together!

Railsware is a product studio. Since 2005, we have shaped our own “know-how” in product creation. Railsware helped many US and EU startups to turn into multi-million-dollar companies. We have built our own products, that now have 500K+ of excited users, and generate $1M+ a year.
We look for people with high potential ready to evolve in multiple directions. The right hires shape a team of A-players to learn from and evolve together. Apply today!

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