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  • 17 травня 2022
    Marketing Intern Київ, Краків (Польща), віддалено
    Railsware offers one of the best work environments to enter the global IT industry. We are looking for a proactive and fast-learning Marketing Intern to join Railsware on a full-time basis.
  • 13 травня 2022
    Senior Marketing Expert віддалено
    We’re looking for a hands-on marketer with strong skills in communicating and pitching core company’s values and services.
  • 9 травня 2022
    Senior Product Manager Краків (Польща), віддалено
    We’re looking for a Product Manager with a strong technical background to join our Product team. Railsware is a Product studio. We apply top-notch approaches to build products for both ourselves and the clients.
  • 9 травня 2022
    Sales Development Representative Київ, віддалено
    We are on a mission to shape the future of simple and easy work with data. So now we are looking for an energetic Sales Development Representative to help drive our sales and expand our own product, Coupler.io, worldwide.
  • 9 травня 2022
    Lead Generation Specialist Київ, віддалено
    Railsware is looking for an experienced researcher and lead generator to join our Business Development team to constantly provide the flow of potential clients. You will be in charge of lead generation and database pipeline management.
  • 9 травня 2022
    Information Security Manager Київ, Краків (Польща), віддалено
    We are looking for a qualified information security and software manager with experience in administering employee accounts and credentials, setting up & configuring tools, and creating automations.
  • 3 травня 2022
    Odoo Developer (Python) Київ, Краків (Польща), віддалено
    Railsware is looking for a developer skilled in Odoo, Python, and SQL. We need a specialist with a product-oriented mindset to streamline company operations and create useful solutions for our teams!
  • 22 квітня 2022
    Legal Counsel Київ, Краків (Польща), віддалено
    Railsware is looking for a professional to join our Legal team. We need a person who can provide us with extensive legal knowledge as well as hands-on support.
  • 21 квітня 2022
    Data Engineer віддалено
    We’re looking for a Data Engineer with strong data infrastructure organization, monitoring, and maintenance skills for our products, Smart Checklist for Jira and Coupler.io.
  • 18 квітня 2022
    Full Stack Engineer (Ruby / JS) Київ, Краків (Польща), віддалено
    You will join one of the products created by Railsware: 💌Mailtrap.io — a tool for safe email testing (with over 750,000 users around the world) 🔗Coupler.io — a glue to connect your internal systems into smooth dataflows (MVP) ✅Smart Checklist for Jira — to simplify projects...