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81...200 специалистов
Киев, Краков (Польша)

6 вакансий

  • Senior Product Manager Киев, Краков (Польша), удаленно
    We’re looking for a Product Manager with a strong technical background to join our Product team. Railsware is a Product studio. We apply top-notch approaches to build products for both ourselves and the clients.
  • External Communications Manager Киев, Краков (Польша), удаленно
    We’re looking for a passionate and talented External Communications Manager who can work cross-functionally and isn’t hesitant to take risks or try new things. You will experiment with the latest industry trends and test different communication strategies.
  • Data Analyst Киев, Краков (Польша), удаленно
    We’re looking for a true Data Analysis geek to supercharge Railsware in making smart data-driven decisions for the business.
  • Financial Director Киев, Краков (Польша), удаленно
    Railsware is a product studio. Since 2007, we have shaped our own “know-how” in product creation. Railsware helped many US and EU startups to turn into multi-million-dollar companies. We have built our own products, that now have 600K+ of excited users and generate $1M+ a year.
  • Full Stack Engineer (Ruby / JS) Киев, Краков (Польша), удаленно
    You will join one of the products created by Railsware: 💌Mailtrap.io — a tool for safe email testing (with over 400,000 users around the world) 🔗Coupler.io — a glue to connect your internal systems into smooth dataflows (MVP) ✅Smart Checklist for Jira — to simplify projects...
  • YouTube Content Creator Киев, Краков (Польша), удаленно
    We’re looking for a top-notch YouTube Content Creator to produce videos covering data analytics and product creation topics. You will act as a speaker for Railsware Academy. Our educational YouTube channel explains Railsware approaches and different software tools.