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Київ, Краків (Польща)

12 липня 2023 10:54

Valeria Sapega, Очень классный работник

I was impressed by how well-structured the process is. From the very beginning, it was explained clearly to the candidate (me:)). The communication throughout was smooth and clear.
Candidates should be prepared to spend a significant amount of time on the task, but it’s worth it because you can see that an equal amount of time was spent on reviewing it, which eliminates any frustration in the end. It was the first time that the test task was thoroughly reviewed, and clear feedback was provided. TY.

Підтримали:  Olia Ududiak Daryna Kuzmyk Stas Sokolov


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Thank you for such a warm feedback, Valeria! We are happy to know it was a pleasant experience for you! It was my pleasure to collaborate with you during the hiring process 💛