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18 серпня 2022 13:37

Julia Starun, Product manager в Railsware

When I talk about Railsware with my friends, they usually don’t believe me. This company is a hard to find gem, and I don’t regret about any effort I put into the process of getting here.
Main pros:
* Flat structure, your level of decision making as way beyond anything you might expect in any place except startups; at the same time, Railsware is a mature company, with well set up processes (though are in continious improvement cycle), so no start up ruzh and unstability.
* Ability to work fully remote
* Great professionals everywhere, no pushing and pulling, but things are moving ahead
* Great compensation and benefits packages
* These guys know what is work/life balance ;)

As for cons: The process of getting here is pretty tough and requires a lot of time from a candidate. However, it worth it. And from inside, it is great to know, that everyone around are managed to go through this process, which guarantees great team work and overall result.


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