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Київ, Краків (Польща)

12 серпня 2022 19:17

Andriy Zapisotskyi, CEO & Founder в GrowthMate

Being with Railsware 3 years I can strongly say that this is the best company so far in my life!

I really like the vibe, smart people, interesting projects, and absolute freedom in my work!

It might be hard to join the company, and it takes some effort in the beginning, but you’ll not regret!

The company is remote-driven (we still do have offices in Kyiv & Krakow), and I can easily plan the day how I want!

The comprehensive package of support is on Railsware, and I don’t need to worry about my health insurance, gym, home office, education, or any other perks!

These 3 years were damn good and full of bright moments, unforgettable team gatherings in different locations & life-changing experiences!

If you’re looking for stable growth, freedom in everything what you do, a place to experiment — Railsware is the right choice!

Підтримали:  Olia Ududiak


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