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8 мая 12:42

Sergiy Vasyletskyy

Do not waste your time doing their test tasks. Company would use you to solve their business issues for free.


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Hi, Sergey!
We definitly do not use test tasks to resolve our business issues as those were already solved by the company in the past. If we would not solve those ourselves, we would not know how to evaluate you. Each task is designed taking into account the required skills, candidates’ experience, and time that s/he will spend on it.
This approach allows us to understand how you can handle challenges. At the same time, it gives you a chance to get familiar with future model of scope and approaches. Those are complex. I understand why you have such an impression, but future work at Railsware will be about solving serious issues.
In the end, every candidate can choose to proceed or not, and has a right to decline.

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