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22 квітня 2020 11:12

Виктор Загородний, Fullstack Software Engineer в Railsware

When I was searching for a company to join and further develop my career, Railsware has driven my attention by its attitude to the services they provide and the products they build. They practice a systematic, lean, and feedback-driven approach to both software consultancy and internal processes. Also, I love the “great products through great teams and awesome culture” motto. As an example, the hire to “no hire” rate ranges from 1:30 to 1:100. Basically, it’s “quality over quantity” and it perfectly matches my own values.

As for the details of work, I like that while there is a discipline to use some company-wide tools and approaches, project teams are free to invent their own solutions in particular cases, it gives a feeling of flexibility and freedom. Collaboration and collective effort are also truly honored here, from product design to technical aspects of the implementation. Teams are small, fast-going, self-disciplined, mastering both engineering craft and value their products bring. Railsware is a data- and automation-driven company. Last but not the least is true remote-friendliness: it literally makes no difference where are you working from, and the company provides you with all the necessary hardware even if you are a remote worker.

My journey at Railsware has just begun but I already love the place, the people, the culture and I expect more interesting and challenging stuff to come while working here.


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Glad you like it.
The 999x extra efforts put by everyone managing the company to make it a great place to work and to care are paid up when people selected through crazy ratios enjoy their every day work building truly great product and enjoying the awesome team.
Great to have you on board and thanks for taking the efforts to go through all the stages !

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