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Киев, Краков (Польша)

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Railsware is a software development company, building great web and mobile applications. We deliver full-cycle product development, from scoping through production to deployment and support, with strong attention to detail and uncompromised quality.

We are a team of T-shaped skilled craftsmen making a dent in software engineering universe: how software is product managed, designed, deployed and ran. We’re mad about excellence, constantly staying on the edge of the technology — taking the best practices, changing and adapting them to fit our vision best. We never stop at just “good enough”, but always strive for “great”.

At Railsware we believe that what makes a truly great team is sharing the same vision, same values, and same core qualities. A large part of the culture is our contribution to the community through blog, conferences, open source, our own products and products we build for our clients.

🔹Join our team >>> bit.ly/2Wx8AIY

🔸Products we’ve built: bit.ly/2RW7szY
🔹Clients about us: bit.ly/2CViXxi
🔸Why Railsware: bit.ly/2TvlK7i
🔹Blog: bit.ly/2SfxkpX
🔸Youtube: bit.ly/2FZ1Gar

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