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Киев, Краков (Польша)

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О компании

Railsware is a software consultancy company turned into a product studio. We’ve worked with Calendly, SendGrid, Philips, Google, and a whole bunch of other interesting companies.

Mailtrap and Smart Checklist for JIRA are examples of our own products. We built them to make our work better. Now, these tools are used by dev teams at Atlassian, Adobe, Github, Yelp, Pivotal. And of course, by our clients.

The process we use to develop products at Railsware is pretty different than in most software development companies. It has demonstrated repeatable success on more than 50 projects.

🔹Join our team >>> railsware.com/careers

🔸Why Railsware: railsware.com/why-railsware
🔹Clients about us: railsware.com/clients
🔸Products we’ve built: railsware.com/case-studies

🔹Blog: bit.ly/2zDshWj
🔸Twitter: bit.ly/2QgEVnR
🔹Facebook: bit.ly/2IoaHs4
🔸Youtube: bit.ly/2CGr3wc
🔹Instagram: bit.ly/2Q9Mf00

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