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Raccoon Gang is the leading Online Learning Solutions provider and, since 2020, we have become a Preferred Open edX Provider. We are the most extensive team of Python professionals, with more than 150 engineers and instructional designers on board.

We are contributors to the Open edX community. We have more than 500 completed projects of various complexity based on the Open edX platform, from simple deployments to country-level heavily customized systems. LMSs that we have deployed serve over 10M+ students all over the world.

Our customers are Harvard, UCLA, Arizona State University, University of Washington Continuum College, University at Buffalo, UNESCO, OECD, Microsoft, etc.

Raccoon Gang provides full-circle Online Learning services from LMS infrastructure design and implementation through the instructional design and eLearning content creation to post-course support.

Our tech stack:
DevOps — AWS, Azure, Docker, Ansible, Terraform, Packer, Helm, Kubernetes, Vagrant, GitLab CI, GitHub Actions
Front — ReactJS, VueJS, TypeScript, AngularJS, Backbone
Dev — Django, aiohttp, Flask, Pyramid, Django Rest Framework, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Pytest

Let’s educate the world together!

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