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Who are we:

Quod Financial was founded in 2004.
We are an innovative automated trading technology provider, with an excellent track record:
We are unique today to have dedicated the past 12 years to a massive R&D to bring automated trading technologies to equities, derivatives and FX on the same platform. We are working on the next generation of data-driven intelligent trading using the data and machine learning techniques.
We work with major players in Europe and Asia who trust us for this, with high volumes and high complexity, which we deliver primarily in hosted/SaaS environments.

What do we do:
— Multi-assess market access — FX, Equities, Derivatives, Futures, etc...
— The ability to trade securities on any exchange, mtf’s and darkpools. Same for FX — any exchange or Liquidity Provider (Bank);
— The ability to create liquidity in the markets (aka Market Making);
— We provide back-end to our customers — the main product (written in C++ and Java);
— The client has access to different APIs — which they can trade with like REST, Custor Java, SOAP, FIX, and others.

We provide with:
— Front Ends — desktop, web, mobile
— TCA (web front end which displays analysis and trading statistics)
— Admin Front End (web front end which makes it possible to manage the back end — as well as provide special functionality to the client)

Our clients:
Many of our clients are on boarding stage(6-18 months)
Some of our clients:
— Aspect Capital (fund)
— Commerz Bank Hong Kong
— SwedBank
— Standard Bank
— Al Ramz
— Arqaam Capital
— Qatar National Bank
— Al Rajhi
and many others.

Our offices located:
— London (UK) — 40 people (Sales, Operations, Integration, Management)
— Paris (France) — 39 people (Team Leads, PM, DevOps, Developers)
— Lille (France) — 10 people (data-science)
— Dubai (UAE) — 4 people (PM, operations)
— Hong Kong (China) — 3 person (currently expanding)
— Ukraine — 60 people (QA, Connectivity, Operations, Web, Database and other teams)
— Gdansk (Poland) — 14 people

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