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I still working in this company and I glad to be part of that. I never have any salary delays. We have possibility to pass all courses which we want for improvements our knowledge or get the new one. Also, all things regarding questions of work easly to solved just talk with managment side. The managment always wants to listen to staff and always helped their. Cool team and cool work which were and will be provided by this company.

Підтримали: Ruslan Kasian

I have been working in this company for more than a year, during this time it has greatly increased in size, but the management’s attitude towards employees has not changed, it remains the same friendly, they are always ready to meet you or help you. My colleagues are high-quality specialists who can solve tasks of any level of complexity and never leave tasks unsolved, ready to suggest how to correctly solve tasks according to best practices.
The projects in which I worked were interesting, they contributed to my development as a specialist, the company also provides a wide selection of courses that can be chosen for personal study, certification is carried out, which is promoted by the company.
The work schedule is flexible, you can perform work at a convenient time. The company provides all facilities for this.

Підтримали: Ruslan KasianDmytro Chaurov

I have been working at Quema for a few months, and I already have a good impression of working in a good, experienced team. The company supports employees’ initiatives and helps with professional training. No delays in salary payments. The values of the company are also important to me. Very impressed by the corporate culture, which is felt immediately. There is no bureaucracy, you are always ready to listen to people and every point of view has a right to exist. In short, the company is result oriented and if you are an expert in your field you can not only become a pro but also grow very fast. The people here are cool)

Підтримали: Dmytro Chaurov

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