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Qubstudio is an award-winning UX/UI design agency.

Our purpose is to create simple and beautiful experience via UX/UI and branding.

Working in Qubstudio is nothing like being a freelancer or working in software development company. We value and cherish our design community and creative work process, where empathy, creativity, and intention always come first.

In our work we use human-centered design approach. It’s a process that starts with the people you’re designing for and ends with delivering new, more effective solutions to their needs.

We believe in working in teams, as well as giving teams independence and freedom they need — efficiency over bureaucracy.

Why you should join us:
— being a small company, there are lots of opportunities to grow and work on different design projects;
— being able to witness daily innovations and having freedom to contribute your ideas;
— our culture is built on collaboration and open-mindedness;
— working on challenging and interesting problems, striving to do the right thing, choosing the right path, and aiming for continuous improvement.