Создатель Node.js Ryan Dahl впервые в Украине на конференции JS Fest. Программа уже на сайте

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Qubstudio is a full cycle digital design studio, providing a wide range of digital services from research and product strategy, through UX/UI design to implementation, to clients worldwide.

In our work we use human-centered design approach. It’s a process that starts with the people you’re designing for and ends with delivering new, more effective solutions to their needs.

Working in our team is nothing like being a freelancer or working in software development company. We value and cherish our design community and creative work process, where empathy, creativity and intention always come first.

We appreciate bold ideas and proactivity, and you will not feel off. We believe in working in teams, as well as giving teams independence and freedom they need — efficiency over bureaucracy. Being willing to improve and eager to learn is what we adore.

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