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12 вересня 2023

DevOps Engineer (Part-time) (вакансія неактивна)


As a DevOps Engineer for our mobile multiplayer city-builder game, you will play a crucial role in building and maintaining a robust, scalable, and efficient cloud infrastructure.

With servers running in multiple locations, the key objective is to establish a highly scalable architecture that can handle user load seamlessly.


Architecture Design: Collaborate with the development team to design and implement a scalable infrastructure architecture that can handle the demands of a multiplayer game.

Infrastructure Automation: Develop and maintain automation scripts and configuration management tools to enable the automatic deployment of server instances based on user load demands.

Scalability and Performance: Continuously monitor system performance, identify bottlenecks, and optimize the infrastructure for improved scalability and responsiveness.

Cloud Services Management: Manage the EC2 instances, Amazon Aurora clusters, and CloudFront distribution, ensuring their availability, performance, and security.

Monitoring and Logging: Set up and continuously improve monitoring, and alerting systems using CloudWatch to track system metrics, logs, and performance indicators.

Disaster Recovery: Implement and maintain backup and disaster recovery strategies to ensure data integrity and minimal downtime.

Collaboration: Collaborate with multi-national and cross-functional teams, including Game Designers, Developers, and QA engineers, to ensure smooth integration and deployment processes.

Security: Implement and maintain security measures and best practices to protect the infrastructure from potential threats and vulnerabilities.


Solid experience as a DevOps Engineer for at least 2 years in a similar position, preferably working with mobile gaming projects or similar high-traffic applications.

Strong knowledge of cloud-based technologies, particularly with AWS services such as EC2, Amazon Aurora, CloudFront, and CloudWatch, CloudFormation, VPC.

Proficiency in infrastructure automation using CloudFormation to define, deploy, and manage AWS resources. Solid understanding of the concept: infrastructure as code.

Familiarity and experience with Docker to containerize and deploy applications.

Knowledge of container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes is a plus.

Familiarity with Unity Editor is a plus also.

Experience in designing and implementing scalable architectures with a focus on performance optimization and high availability.

Familiarity with continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines and related tools like Jenkins, GitLab, or similar.

Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills, with the ability to identify and resolve issues in a timely manner.

Excellent communication and collaboration skills to work effectively within a team environment.

Knowledge of security best practices and experience implementing security measures within infrastructure and applications.

Join our team and be part of an exciting project that challenges you to build a fast, scalable, and reliable system for a mobile multiplayer city-builder game.

Your contributions will have a significant impact on the gameplay experience for our users, ensuring their seamless and enjoyable interactions in a thriving virtual city.