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Qubit Labs is an Ukrainian IT-company, partner for tech industry product leaders all over the globe. We build developers’ teams for top companies, growing tech businesses and innovative startups from the USA, Europe, and the Middle East.
5 ноября 2019

Senior Python developer/ ML/NLP engineer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

General requirements:
— Minimum 5 years of full-time post-university development experience
— You prefer working in a start-up environment. You are flexible and dynamic and comfortable with rapid prototyping, iteration and dealing with a level of uncertainty
— A capability and desire to span from the development of specific algorithmic components all the way to their implementation in the overall platform

Technical requirements:
— Strong Machine Learning background, with profound knowledge of different ML methods
— Significant and demonstrable NLP experience
— Fully familiar with the Python machine learning libraries (TensorFlow, Keras, sklearn)
— Fully familiar with the Python data science libraries (numpy, pandas, scipy)
— Fully familiar with the Python NLP libraries (NLTK, Spacy, CoreNLP)
— Ideally familiar with knowledge graphs

Team environment:
— Familiar with working in distributed teams
— Able to “think out of the box”, take on new ideas
— Good command of English, and comfortable with regular voice/video calls to discuss the way forward
— You enjoy working in a highly collaborative environment


— Challenging projects from clients around the global market;
— Comfortable home format office near metro station;
— Positive corporate environment;
— Team building and corporate celebration;
— Paid health insurance;
— Minimum bureaucracy


— Development of ML solutions for the platform
— Engineering of feature extraction from unstructured data (text, images)
— Definition and integration of data pipelines
— Further development of the NLP and dialogue engine
— Integration of ML/NLP solutions to the platform
— Active participation in the development of the best ML and NLP approach

О проекте

Our client is a Swiss start-up and we are looking for a very strong and capable Tech Lead to join the team, to lead the architecture design and development of the innovative AI-based search agent platform.

The team is developing a paradigm-shifting search agent mechanism, involving a whole new search experience driven by AI (ML/NLP). The first application is in product search, essentially replacing the standard ‘filter’ component in marketplaces and e-commerce sites. The result is a virtual agent that helps you to discover the right products for you — by helping you explore choices, stimulating you to consider alternatives, automatically processing your (potentially conflicting) preferences, and engaging with you through multiple channels (web, mobile, messenger) using natural language.

The tech stack is currently based on React and Python. The first development phases have been completed, and an MVP for a fully functional marketplace is in place. This enables us to test all the core concepts, before moving to the development of components and a service backbone (tech stacks yet to be finalized) that we can integrate and deliver to marketplace/e-commerce players. Together with one of the co-founders (20yrs of ML/NLP experience), you will form the core of the AI team to take us through these important next phases.

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