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We develop complex distributed highly loaded systems, working 24/7. We develop server solutions and solutions for mobile devices. We develop hardware and software solutions from electronics to operating systems and applications.
26 октября 2020

C#, iOS, Android, Xamarin developer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

Confident knowledge of C# (2-3+ years experience);
Knowledge and understanding of PLO principles and templates;
Experience in Android and iOS development using Xamarin;
Understanding MVVM patterns;
Ability to work with Git, Redmine;
Experience of REST;
Database knowledge: SQLite

Будет плюсом

knowledge Xamarin, MvvmCross, IoC, SOLIDb MVVMCross


Decent wages;
Paid vacation;
Interesting projects — we are for a comfortable mix of routine and innovation;
Opportunity for quality growth;
Work in the center of Kiev (5 minutes’ walk from metro Pecherskaya).
Friendly team :) We have an atmosphere of supporting ideas and unconditional value of each team member!

Permanent employment Mon-Fr from 9:00 to 18:00 (or flexible schedule)


Application development:
(active project)
• Xamarin iOS, Android for smart home based on Xamarin using MvvmCross
• Xamarin iOS, Android fitness tracker and watch with GPS based on Xamarin using MvvmCross

О проекте

Smart Home system — an intelligent system for remote room management (lighting, climate control, smart sensors and sockets, heating and ventilation, video surveillance, etc.) — allows through the application to connect and manage the smart devices in the house, adjust the basic systems of life support premises, set up and receive notifications and view audio and video recordings.

Multifunctional smart devices (wristwatch, smart bracelets)
System allows to connect and manage scope of watch models, (more than 20 for now) with different characteristics and functionality — smart, fitness, children’s and granny’s watches, bracelets with pulse measurement and electrocardiogram through one application.

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