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AIVIA is a FinTech start-up company that develops software for decentralized fund management on Blockchain. The main office of the company is in the USA, Phoenix

About the project:
Our Project is a platform for generating and managing crypto asset-based funds, made possible by blockchain technology and tokenization of the tangible segment of the economy. AIVIA protocol will allow the swift formation of all types of investment funds to manage blockchain assets. Subscriber funds will be equipped with a complete set of required tools to manage portfolios with full accountability and transparency. Investors use AIVIA protocol to conduct transactions for acquisition or disposition of the fund equity interests.
AIVIA participates in both backend and frontend development. Frontend part is based on ReactJS, backend on NodeJS, Solidity, SailsJS, MongoDB so there are plenty of open opportunities and challenges to resolve and deal with. Sure, you will join the team of experts, so will be able to validate your ideas and to become a part of the collective mind.