200...800 спеціалістів
Київ, Львів, Краків (Польща), Софія (Болгарія), Таллінн (Естонія)

Join our fast-growing and diverse team at Pwrteams, where we provide premium IT and engineering nearshore solutions to our global customers. Since 2007, we pursue to become the market leader in assembling cross-border IT and engineering teams for customers. Our operations are strategically positioned within Eastern Europe’s dynamic tech ecosystems, from where we cater the global business landscape. 

We’re at the forefront of travel, media and fintech innovation, healthcare efficiency enhancements, and others. Our goal? To connect interesting customer projects and skilled talent alike. Become a part of our team and take the next step on your personal career journey.

We deliver value and results.
Commitment to quality and customer value guides all our interactions, freeing us to innovate boldly and stand by our results. Improvement is our pride; we raise the bar with every team member we bring on board.

We empower ourselves and others.
Empowerment defines us. With dedicated IT teams, we walk the talk, leading with integrity, honesty, and clarity. No hidden agendas, no micromanaging. We learn from honest mistakes, trusting each other’s skills and celebrating every win together.

We take ownership.
We own our expertise, skills, and outcomes, no excuses. Speak up, stand firm — we value diverse perspectives that drive results. Defend your ideas, but leave your ego at the door. Because all we do, we do for our clients.

We own our future and growth.
We stay curious, explore new horizons, and keep ahead of trends to constantly shape individual and collective success. We seek advice when needed and give transparent, constructive feedback. Embracing setbacks, we learn from them and drive even greater achievements.

What we offer
— Challenging projects and leading-edge technologies 
— Guaranteed project engagement 
— Close cooperation with European and US clients  
— A welcoming and supportive work environment  
— Individual approach and personal attention to each team member   
— Competitive remuneration package and regular reviews    
—Tech and soft-skills trainings     
—Team-bonding and company events    
—Diverse well-being initiatives     
—Cozy workplaces    
—Flexible hours and remote work opportunities      
—Private medical health care   
—Flexible benefits package