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Proxet is a custom web, mobile and software development company offering customized and tailored technology solutions to a wide range of clients.
23 сентября 2020

Senior Full-stack Kotlin/Java Developer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

— Strong knowledge of Kotlin/Java programming language
— Experience with JavaScript client web frameworks (at least one of React, Vue.js, Angular). The actual work will be in React
— Experience in building reliable, high-available, distributed architectures
— Strong experience with multithreaded/async programming models

Будет плюсом

— Experience in live video streaming
— Experience working with AWS or Google Cloud
— Experience working with Kubernetes
— Experience with gRPC and Microservices


The long-term contract, fully remote flexible hours, solid compensation level.


— Working on the development of a web app that has some of the same functionalities as the iOS app
— Contributing to server codebase, creating new REST endpoints, and adding functionality to microservices

О проекте

The company is World’s first live Social Club and building an online community for private clubs (think Soho House, Equinox, or even night clubs, etc). It’s a mobile-based solution for now (iOS and Android) where users open the app, join the community, and hang out together.
Once in the community, they have the ability to chat with one another on video, message, etc.
Unlike Zoom and Houseparty where users join and all get into one room and video chat, we keep the experience decentralized, so users can video chat 1-1 in the room, or 1 — n. We are also creating a shared stage in the communities ex: we may be chatting and after 10 minutes, a community presenter may start presenting something to the entire audience, or if in a club environment, a DJ may start playing their set for all participants.
The sole goal of the app is to bring all the elements of a real community together in an online environment.
A lot of what we are building on the server-side is tailored around messaging and communication. For instance, when a user opens up the app and joins the community, we broadcast messages to all other users in the community. Right now we’re building out server stack to accommodate for that asynchronous nature.

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