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Provectus is an Artificial Intelligence consultancy and solutions provider, helping businesses achieve their objectives through AI. ✅ AI-first technology consultancy and solutions provider, helping to design, architect, migrate, or build cloud-native applications on AWS cloud. ✅ AWS Data & Analytics, DevOps, and Machine Learning competency partner.
13 ноября 2019

Node.js Developer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

* Strong understanding of how browser code works but focused on back-end services using a shared codebase in JavaScript 1.6 + 1.7.
* Agile building of services to support rich UI’s. Use cases are mostly led by UI/UX so we need someone who can collaborate well with a UI team.
* Strong skills in Node-js, including experience deploying projects into production and maintaining production upgrades over time.
* Works with a team of senior-level people who build a combination of common code base as well as app-specific code.
* Should have demonstrable skills in deploying to either Node-js on virtual servers such as EC2, or just as well on AWS Lambda
* Can write in Microservices style or fully deployed servers, and has the mental flexibility to do both. (not someone who is fixed in wanting to do microservices only).

Будет плюсом

* Experience in batch processing, data transformation, and message queues.
* Experience in real-time services such as chat and collaborative editing (similar to Google Docs / Sheets with multiple users editing same data at the same time)
* REST API development on Node-js
Specific packages on Node-js:
* Express REST APIs
* SocketCluster highly desired, or at least Socket-io experience.
Desired AWS Experience:
* Lambda / JS
* S3
* Document DB (Mongo DB is a suitable alternative)
* SQS is nice to have.


Grow yourself

Ability to develop and assemble a team for your idea. Join BIGUDI
Formula 1 — dedicated program for employees who want to develop managerial skills
Attendance of professional conferences both as participant and speaker
Employee development and training programs (Soft Skills & Hard Skills Club)
English language classes & Speaking Club

Have fun

Work out machines and other sports equipment in every office
Event4you program — 50% of the leisure time costs of your team are paid by the company
Musical instruments, board games, darts, table football & tennis, barbeque and recreation areas in each office
Free corporate bicycles
Great variety of drinks and snacks, ice cream, and fruit in the office kitchen area

We offer

Medical insurance for all employees and corporate doctor at the office
Сompany travel manager assistance in travel
Pleasant surprises for newcomers and employees who passed the trial period
Corporate discounts in cafes near the office
Baby birth and wedding bonus
On-site parking lot
Lawyer consultations
Comfortable working place

О проекте

Determine, a Corcentric company is a global provider of industry-leading cloud solutions that help organizations gain complete visibility into their data; turn it into valuable insights, and achieve total control to make more intelligent confident business decisions. Through end-to-end source-to-pay and contract management, our next-generation tools empower you to proactively eliminate risks, cut costs and save money.

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