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17 березня 2023 15:15

Alexander Demchuk, Senior .Net Developer / Fullstack engineer з 2016 року

I’ve been with Provectus for over 6 years and joined as a middle .NET engineer.
Starting from that moment Provectus keep surprising me all the time, with its compensation offer (more than I requested and expected), and ended up with exceptional culture, where founders truly declare and behave themselves as part of your team.
There is been a tradition to have lunch with one of the founders before COVID times, which brought a really cool family atmosphere to the company. Even when Provectus grew up they preserved this kind of mix of processes and family spirit.
I mentioned that when I joined the team I spoke only .NET/C# language so there is an enormous amount of opportunities to grow up in different domains and directions. That said now I speak multiple languages JS, Python, and others with enough proficiency as well as switched a few fields from backend dev to DevOps and ML and keep up as Software Architect.
A lot of things happened while I’m part of this great team, my second child was born, and I was able to earn my first car and own apartments...So Provectus has been always supportive and flexible enough to provide all the opportunities to make the above things come true (except kids:)))))))
Even when this fu***ing war has occurred Provectus performed an unbelievable job to keep my family safe providing all the needed assistance and help. THANKS, PROS FOLKS!
Few things before I drop :) about the company, one of the coolest things out of culture and people that I’m into with Provectus is its office in Odesa near the sea with co-working capabilities, where you could occupy any free space based upon your mood.
Alright, my Pros(Provectus) folks long story short, I’m so grateful to be one of the Pros and part of this tremendous culture. I encourage everybody to try and join this great team!


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