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Київ, Одеса, Медельїн (Колумбія), Вроцлав (Польща), Єреван (Вірменія), Новий Сад (Сербія), Canada, Costa Rica, United States

16 березня 2023 9:29

Юля Михайлина, Middle QA Engineer з 2018 року

I am with Provectus for over 5 years.
This is one of those companies where you can grow within the company, and I can say that I have never had the desire to quit or anything like that!
The company really has career growth, this is not just empty words. It took me 5 years to grow from Middle QA to QA Practice Leader.
The company is loyal to its engineers! At most. A few years ago I changed my location rather radically — I moved from Odessa to South Korea! There were no problems even at a time when everyone went to the office and remote work wasn’t as common as it’s now.
Trust from management, you are valued as a specialist, there is absolutely no micromanagement. For me, these are really cool criterias that distinguish Provectus from other companies.
Everybody choose the best place for himself. And I chosen the best place for me already and I wish you too to do it smart.


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