The proSapient platform allows our clients to seamlessly connect to Industry Experts around the globe whether you need a 3 hour consultation or simply to ask one question.
18 ноября 2019

Front-End Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

— 2+ years of building web UIs
— Solid knowledge of and experience with HTML / CSS (we use styled-components, familiarity/experience with styled-system will be a huge plus)
— Outstanding knowledge of modern JS (ES6+)
— Experienced with React.js (you should be able to understand why and how to use HOCs, render props)
— Redux or any other state management solutions
— Familiarity with functional programming paradigm (immutability, pure fns, composition)
— Experience working with different APIs (REST, GraphQL)
— Ability to incorporate new technologies, stipulate your technical decisions and be able to defend them
— At least upper-intermediate English level (speaking and writing)

Будет плюсом

— Experience with any languages that compile to JS (Typescript, CLJS, ReasonML, Elm, Purescript, etc.)
— Experience with Docker
— Back-end development experience (we use Elixir) and willingness to develop into a full-stack developer


a team of professionals to work and grow with;
— high salary;
— hipster and comfy office in the city center with all necessary equipment and software;
— regular salary review;
— paid sick leave (100%);
— time to refactor the improvement of existing solutions;
— time to think through the architecture for the implementation of new features;
— flexible scheduling at will;
— dinners once a week at the expense of the company;
— work with modern and scalable technologies and frameworks
periodic team building.


We are looking for a talented Front-End Engineer to our team who will be developing and maintaining a UI style guide of the product. Migrating existing services to React with their future support.

You will play a central role in designing, creating, implementing and maintaining all of these services.

О проекте

proSapient is a primary research platform that helps our partners conduct primary research around the globe. Our core business is to connect investors with industry experts who can provide insight into their industries. Our platform leverages AI and ML to offer a wide variety of features that are unique to us. Our business has grown rapidly and in the last 18 months, our headcount has grown from 2 people to 44 people (split between Kyiv, UK and USA).

Kyiv office is located in city center near Pecherska metro station.

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