proSapient is a primary research platform that supports Consulting and private equity firms to gather knowledge, critical to ensuring they make the right decision. It is our mission to provide them with this knowledge efficiently and collaboratively.

In the four years since proSapient was founded, we have grown to 250 colleagues. This year alone, we are on track to more than double in size! In order to support this growth, we raised a $10m Series A round led by Smedvig Capital.

**Creating knowledge**

Our talented client service teams use a combination of their initiative and leading technology to locate industry experts all around the world. These experts will have significant experience in various industries and provide insights to our clients via conference calls and surveys.

**Curating knowledge**

Our market-leading platform curates insight which helps our clients to make bigger, better decisions with less effort. We believe in the right insights and **not** the most insights.

**Collecting knowledge**

Insight can sometimes be found within your own organization, hidden within terabytes of files and folders. Our platform helps to surface these insights when they are needed.