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The proSapient platform allows our clients to seamlessly connect to Industry Experts around the globe whether you need a 3 hour consultation or simply to ask one question.

Our platform is built to solve all current issues inherent in old fashioned Expert Networks delivering a fully automated service including free transcripts, automated booking and a machine learning sourcing process providing the right experts at the right time with minimal effort.

Our clients are typically Private Equity, Asset Management and Management Consultancy

For example, our client Apollo Private Equity is buying a stake in Adidas. As part of their due diligence, they would like to speak with former executives from Adidas and current executives. The proSapient platform would locate and connect Apollo to those experts via conference calls (Twilio Microservice) and an inbuilt messenger (Elixir). IT also provides transcripts (Google Speech) and recordings (Twilio).

We heavily use AI in order to find experts with a recommendation engine that matches the keywords from a project to keywords in our database of experts (Python).

Our platform has been reviewed by Jose Valim (the creator of Elixir) and is retained as a consultant for code optimisation.

In our comfy office, you can always meet your needs in terms of the best coffee in Ukraine, tea and snacks. As well we provide lunch twice per week.

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