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Profit Whales is a business accelerator that offers advertising services to big Amazon brands, helping them to grow their Amazon business and scale it beyond expectations. For that, we have created a software to fully automate the efforts in creating and managing advertising on the Amazon platform.

We are the progress — high quality support, goals achievement, deep PPC analysis, e-commerce.

Our mission is to assist retail brands to become Whales in their ocean. A belief that the sustainable and data-driven marketing approach based on the synergy of machine and human decisions drives superior performance on retail platforms lies in the heart of Profit Whales company, focusing our strategy to be tied to the creation of long-term value for all our stakeholders.

In our company, we value openness, innovation, quality performance, continuous improvement and learning with the focus on sustainable development and environmental responsibility.

We work with passionate and talented people to challenge conventional thinking and strive to find new ways to accelerate Amazon Business for our clients. Join our team!

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