Profisea, an Israeli boutique DevOps and Cloud company, has for over six years been providing end-to-end solutions and support for business. Our teams of highly-skilled professionals draw on their deep industry knowledge and vast technology expertise to deliver top-notch, dynamic and lean solutions to solve various business challenges for companies of any size, from startups to enterprises.

Our mission is to help our clients implement best DevOps practices and design cost-effective and secured cloud architecture to maximize performance, ensure faster deployment, improve the quality of the client’s offering — whether services or products — and reduce time to market.

In 2021, Profisea’s team launched a unique AI-based Cloud management platform that allows you to visualize, manage Cloud infrastructure, and reduce your cloud expenses on virtual assets by up to 90%.

Profisea provides state-of-the-art solutions custom-tailored to every type of client, with a full range of services including:

— DevOps as a service (CI/CD, Continuous Monitoring, Infrastructure as a
— Code, Microservices, Kubernetes, DevSecOps)
— Cloud Computing (Cloud Migration, Cloud Security, Cloud Environment
— Creation and Management, FinOps with ProfiSea Labs, Cloud Security)
— SRE as a service
— NOC as a service
— ALM consulting

If you are planning to migrate to the cloud, thinking about building a transparent CI/CD pipeline or adopting DevSecOps or Kubernetes in your enterprise, Profisea is here to help. We are ready to design your cloud architecture, secure your cloud and make it cost-effective.