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24 липня 2018 7:21

Viktor Banerdzhi

Would be very honest . This is one of the worst companies I have worked for so far. Horrible management , no workflow stability , dictatorship from the COO and head of departments . They do not treat you as a employee that deserves any kind of perks — the office is horrible too and so is the Customer Care department where I used to work in .


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Productech managers trying to be manipulative and fishy — Guys I have a huge experience in the industry and am holding a pretty good position at a MNC right now . My contract was ceased due to internal conflicts with the management and the fact that I was not very keen to be a slave the way I was expected to be , other employees have the same situation and I am the only one to genuinely spoke out and don’t tell people that it was something that was not a conflict of interest on both ends and not due to poor performance which is an utter lie . This company is shameless to lie to its employees and portray a good rapport within the social media , they will go any lengths to do so .

Low pay , constant exploitation , humiliation based on any basis possible and a very autocratic management that like only those " who kiss ass of the main managers "

NOT RECOMMENDED TO ANYONE . Save yourself people from working here .

The Productech company used to receive service from Victor as a contractor indeed, though we decided to change the contractor due to the poor performance. We strive to be the best, and in case a Productech contractor ceases to comply with the agreement, we decide to stop cooperation.