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Київ, Барселона (Іспанія)

12 листопада 2021 16:41

Octavio Pérez, Outreach Country Manager (Latin America) з 2017 року

I have been working for Preply since 2017.

Honestly, it has been a great experience especially since first I moved to work in the Kyiv office in Ukraine — I moved there from Mexico so it was quite a challenging change but they always helped me with all the processes involved in it.

I have been working in Customer Support for the last couple of years and also the team is quite international which creates a great working atmosphere, our particular team has people from all around the world and it’s always nice to feel like we all help each other to perform better at work. Lately having the opportunity of working remotely is also a huge plus, since it makes life just easier.

Would totally recommend working for Preply — as a side note, the company has grown so much in the last years so definitely is aiming for great things and definitely is shaping the future of online learning!

If you have the chance, you should definitely apply for a position here.

Підтримали:  Sia Sevtsenko


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