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18 лютого 2022

Web Operations Manager (вакансія неактивна)

Миколаїв, Херсон, Бар (Чорногорія), віддалено $1200–1500

Giggster is an online platform for people to list, discover, and book locations for creative projects and events.

Chances are you’ve seen Giggster locations in the shows you watch, brands you buy, and influencers you follow: Some of the biggest content producers in the world use us for their locations, such as Netflix, HBO, and Disney — as well as top brands like Apple and Louis Vuitton. And the next generation of creators on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are finding perfect spots on Giggster for their content as well.

Our goal is to be the technology disruptor that modernizes Hollywood, empowering millions of creators — no matter where they are — to focus on content rather than the logistics of finding a location and the additional services that go with it, like permitting, etc.

If you are excited at the idea of contributing to a product that truly changes a massive archaic industry, being a part of an exploding business and world class team, and also helping your favorite TV show, movie, or YouTube channel get its next episode created, Giggster is the perfect place for you.

Founded in 2017, we’re a team of 25+ distributed across the US, Canada and Europe (though the majority of our team is in Los Angeles).

The Role

The Web Operations Manager is a critical part of the team at Giggster. The position requires a combination of data, system management, and email sales skills, and the ability to move at high speed while managing many resources.

You will be responsible for growing Giggster’s web footprint across the US and Canada, and eventually overseas. You will use a combination of email automation, VA management matrixes, and Upwork to drive efficiency from a team of 5-10 VAs.


You will be responsible for managing supply growth systems and campaigns, including:

Lead Refinement:

  • Excel/Gsheets advanced user, with experience in usage of the following:
  • functions like vlookup, importrange, regexmatch, countif , iferror, split, transpose etc
  • All possible ways of filtering / sorting data
  • Data formatting
  • Organizing documents in GDrive, sharing/remove access
  • Tools for data scraping, search and verification — should be comfortable in learning and using new tools and instruments


  • Writing/editing copy, creating layouts, and setting up automation
  • Tracking metrics, testing, and optimizing

Hiring and Firing

  • Virtual Assistants Upwork: recruiting, tracking and modifying on-demand teams of remote VA workers offshore and onshore for email cycles of supply acquisition

Tracking and reporting

  • Tracking and providing ongoing progress reports by geography and activity to ensure Giggster has enough supply diversity and liquidity in the target markets.


  • Management experience of 2-5+ people — (in any capacity)
  • Data-minded — (a track record of setting data-backed goals and achieving them)
  • A passion for solving problems
  • Excellent at collaboration and teamwork
  • Comfortable adding and subtracting team members regularly based on performance goals
  • Razor sharp attention to small details when proofing copy and link tracking
  • Comfortable working within spreadsheets
  • Autonomous self-starter who doesn’t need (or want) micro-management
  • Low ego (willing to ask for help when needed, and respond well to constructive feedback and candid communication)
  • Efficiency-obsessed (you’re talented in researching, building and implementing new processes to cut time/energy spend)


  • Experience at a marketplace company a plus
  • Handled similar campaigns and systems in your previous roles
  • Have a desire to grow ownership, fast (our team members level up by solving problems and innovating beyond their initial duties)
  • Experience working with remote teams and virtual assistants a plus