PortaOne — международная IT компания, производитель софта для телеком операторов. Уже 20 лет мы помогаем предоставлять связь даже там, где до сих пор это было невозможно или неоправданно дорого. Как крупным операторам (Vodafone, T-Mobile, ...) так и стартапам, которые придумывают что-то принципиально новое.
7 мая 2021

Junior Strong/Middle DevOps (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, Сумы, Чернигов, удаленно

Необходимые навыки

— 1,5+ years of experience as a DevOps Engineer
— Understanding the principles of and direct experience with CI/CD pipelines
— Direct experience with Docker and Kubernetes
— English Pre intermediate (reading and written)

Будет плюсом

Experience from 1 year:
— with Ansible/etc

Experience from 3 months with:
— Pylint / Bandit / SonarQube/etc
— Python scripting
— Apache Kafka/Airflow


— Professional Development. At PortaOne you’ll be surrounded by experienced colleagues willing to share their knowledge
— Remotely or office work after quarantine (it’s up to you)
— Flexible schedule
— Competitive salary
— Paid vacation and sick leave
— Professional trainings
— English classes with the experienced teachers


— Develop, apply and maintain CI/CD approach and tools
— Participation in Kuernetes-containerization, setup, software configuration, and orchestration
— Participation in the design, deployment and maintenance of internal monitoring and logging systems
— Maintain infrastructures and environments from dev to production

О проекте

About project
We are looking for DevOps to join our internal IT products and systems team that will establish and lead CI/CD automation practice, configure and maintain staging environment with monitoring and logging, support development teams and internal products in production.
Among internal products are dashboards (data analysis and visualisation), employee time management (django apps) and processes automation, etc. We have hybrid infrastructure with focus on microservices and containers (Kubernetes, Docker).
We also support career growth with plenty of opportunities in DevOps practice with other ongoing and planned projects as well as moving to development (Python, Perl, JS, etc).

Our stack:
— Operation Systems: Linux (RedHat/CentOS/Ubuntu/Debian)
— Version Control Systems: Gitea
— CI Systems: Jenkins
— Virtualization/Containerization: Kubernetes
— Configuration management tools: Ansible
— Development Infrastructure: Youtrack, Confluence etc
— API protocols: protobuf (gRPC), REST

About company
PortaOne is a software developer for communication service providers. We help telcos develop and provide new communication services in places where they didn’t exist before or were inaccessible due to cost. Our products are a unique combination of commercial software (high-quality support, detailed documentation, etc.) while completely open to customers (open-source code, specific tools to support client-created modifications). If using a metaphor, we provide reliable hi-tech vans for communications industries’ Wild West pioneers.
The company was founded in 2001 — and now our staff consists of nearly 250 people. We have 480+ clients in more than 90 countries on all five continents. The demand for our products has been growing for over two decades, and the pandemic even boosted it. So if you look for a challenging job with a highly demanded product and a stable income, PortaOne is the right place!
More information about the company can be found in the video www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OmU3nz2Quo with PortaOne CEO Andrey Zhilenko or on our website portaone.com.