PortaOne has been developing billing, business support systems, and cloud telephony software for communication service providers for over two decades. We’ve helped over 480 forward-thinking telcos in 93 countries be market leaders while keeping the total cost of ownership for their business support system under control.
11 мая 2021

Perl developer

Киев, Сумы, Чернигов, удаленно

Необходимые навыки

-At least 2 years in Software Development
-Minimum 1 years of Perl Development
-User Experience with Linux/Unix
-Object-Oriented programming
-Good coding techniques: reusability of code, code optimization, ability to work with legacy code, code refactoring
-SQL skills
-Good written English

Будет плюсом

-Front-end technologies (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ExtJS)
-High attention to detail concerning data, testing, and analysis or great attention to detail and a strive to write solid, reusable, and well-tested code
-Experience with GIT/Gerrit, Jenkins;
-Knowledge of JS, HTML/CSS;
-Experience with MySQL/Oracle/Cassandra/Elasticsearch;
-Experience solving non-standard issues;
-Knowledge of VoIP, Billing Systems, Online Payment Processors, RADIUS, Diameter, PBX.
-Familiarity with git, GitHub, and working with pull requests


— Professional Development. At PortaOne you’ll be surrounded by experienced colleagues willing to share their knowledge
— Remotely OR office work after quarantine (it’s up to you)
— Flexible schedule
— Competitive salary
— Paid vacation and sick leave
— Professional trainings
— English classes with the experienced teachers


-Coding new software components from start to finish with minimal guidance;
-Solving programming problems/answering questions;
-Participation in code reviews;
-Participation in low-level design reviews;
-Document low-level designs based on high-level specifications;
-Providing occasional technical support for the customers;
-Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of software development practices

О проекте

PortaOne is looking for a perl developer to join our team. You’ll be working with PortaBilling, a converged telecom billing platform that can be used as a single administration interface to manage and bill for multiple services, including those provided by third-party network elements. PortaBilling communicates with elements of a communication network, provides its nodes with authentication or authorization, and gathers data about services rendered to the customers. Based on this information, PortaBilling performs ratings for the services, creates transaction records, and modifies customer balances — all in real-time.
You’ll join the team of Perl experts aiming to create the highest quality code. Our extensive code base and complex project architecture allow you to hone both programming skills and proficiency in integrating various services. We are proud to have a highly structured management system along with a friendly atmosphere, supporting each other with all the professional advice one might need.

Stack: Perl 5.16 (native, Mouse, etc.), Template Toolkit, PSGI, Apache, REST/SOAP, JSON/XML, MySQL, Cassandra, Redis, Elasticsearch, Oracle, HAProxy, Gearmand, WebSocket, Docker.

About company
PortaOne is a software developer for communication service providers. We help telcos develop and provide new communication services in places where they didn’t exist before or were inaccessible due to cost. Our products are a unique combination of commercial software (high-quality support, detailed documentation, etc.) while completely open to customers (open-source code, specific tools to support client-created modifications). If using a metaphor, we provide reliable hi-tech vans for communications industries’ Wild West pioneers.

The company was founded in 2001 — and now our staff consists of nearly 250 people. We have 480+ clients in more than 90 countries on all five continents. The demand for our products has been growing for over two decades, and the pandemic even boosted it. So if you look for a challenging job with a highly demanded product and a stable income, PortaOne is the right place!
More information about the company can be found in the video www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OmU3nz2Quo with PortaOne CEO Andrey Zhilenko or on our website portaone.com.