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9 березня 9:55

Aleks Kolosov

Had one of the best job interview experiences for the Content Manager position with these guys.

Oleksandra Vishtal was getting me through the whole process of three stages of the interview and was really helpful with all the additional questions I had outside those stages.

And thanks to the vibe and speaking the same language (professional wise) we found ourselves on the same page even from the first screening interview. While other two made it absolutely clear that the company is a perfect fit for me and I’m doing my best to be the perfect fit for the company.

There were no problems with the equipment or the on-boarding process even given the remote-work mode.

Thanks guys! Keep it up


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Alex, thanks for the feedback.
Likewise, it was a pleasure to communicate with you, and I’m glad we found each other as a perfect fit.
Wish you joyful and long-lasting cooperation with us and lots of new achievements!