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7 березня 15:27

Zor She, Billing AR Specialist в Parimatch International

I was interviewing in the Billing Department.

The recruiting team was friendly and accurate to details.
Recruiting processes are well organized at PMI, meetings were scheduled and agreed upon at a convenient time. Recruiter Yuliia described in detail about the team, position, company, benefits and opportunities of moving, and also carefully considered my experience.

All promised and mentioned compensations were undewritted in the offer. During the onboarding process, they provided necessary equipment for the job.
I got a positive experience how this process should be configured) Thank you!

Підтримали:  Yuliia Soldatova Anastasia Forostiana


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Zoryana, thank you for sharing your recruitment process experience and for such a detailed feedback.
We are glad you chose us and completely sure, that our cooperation will be longstanding!