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22 мая 2019

Senior Python Engineer for Networking project (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

● Hands-on experience with Python
● Git practical usage
● Self-manageable
● Excellent communication skills, ability to work in a team
● Knowledge of technical English at Intermediate level or higher

Будет плюсом

● Networking hardware understanding
● Good troubleshooting and debugging skills
● Experience in Linux scripting (e.g., Bash)

О проекте

We develop python based development and debugging tool for customer switching products.
The purpose of these tools — give visibility to FW core design group understand what happens in switching silicon on HWE level.
These tools are:
PacketX — explains to the user why a packet is dropped/forwarded to another interface
PerfomanceX — explains to user the performance bottleneck(s)
KVD “grepper” — gives the ability to get and parse entires in different HW tables
The main challenge — understand HW implementation and develop an easy-to-use tool that addresses internal and external customer’s need.

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