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3 серпня 2022

C/C++ Software Engineer

Київ, Харків, Львів, Одеса, Краків (Польща), віддалено

We are looking for an experienced C or C++ Software Engineer with solid knowledge of Linux OS and strong understanding of networking protocols to join our expert community.

A stable business with 100% Ukrainian capital, PLVision has offices in Ukraine and Poland. The company is investing all its net income in 2022 for the needs of the Army through the Come Back Alive Foundation.

In this position you will be a part of an experienced team, enabling an SONiC open network operating system support on top of SAI (Switch Abstraction Interface) for a new product line based on the revolutionary Cisco Silicon One platform.

You will be working directly with the customer as a member of the team responsible for development, integration, product support, and hardening activities. You will join a collaborative environment with open and transparent communication, well-established processes, minimum of formalities, and maximum of trust.

Project Definition
The development team is focused on research, development, maintenance, and integration of SONiC with different innovative hardware that includes ASICs (switching silicons) and SAI (Switch Abstraction Interface). SAI is a layer on top of switching silicon’s SDK and Linux drivers. It is a key component that enables Linux-based switches and routers built with a new ASIC (Cisco Silicone One). Primary technologies are C++, Linux user-space libraries/applications, Docker, Python, as well as the physical hardware.

Client Profile
Our customer is the leading global networking equipment, software and switching ASIC (chip) vendor, based in the U.S and Israel. Their networking products enable end-to-end solutions for data center, ISP/Telecom and enterprise clients.

About PLVision
We are a software product development company specializing in computer networking, embedded systems, and the Internet of Things Connectivity. PLVision has offices in Krakow, Poland, and in Ukraine: Lviv, Odesa, Kyiv, and Kharkiv (currently relocated). Founded in 2007, the company helps networking industry leaders and ambitious startups in the U.S., Israel, and EU countries to launch innovative products.

PLVision has taken an active stand on Ukraine, investing all net income in 2022 to support the Armed Forces and the country, as well as implementing many volunteer initiatives.

Vacancy responsibilities:
• Develop, integrate, and maintain software to enable high performance of Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI)/ Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC) for new platforms;
• Create the Architecture and Design documentation. Maintain the Design documentation to assist in software modification;
• Ensure that SAI/SONiC features (components) are implemented and documented according to the requirements;
• Work closely with the test team to give them a development perspective;
• Establish test metrics and mentor the team members while ensuring that all functionality is implemented on time.

Vacancy requirements:
• Knowledge of Linux OS;
• Understanding of networking protocols (Layer 2 or Layer 3 networking protocols usage/implementation, TCP sockets programming);
• Solid knowledge of C or C++;
• 3+ years of commercial experience in Software Engineering;
• Knowledge of technical English at Intermediate level and higher.

Vacancy plus options:
• Experience with SAI/SONiC implementation and integration;
• Experience with Linux networking;
• Experience with virtualization/containerization technologies;
• Understanding of Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Delivery (CD) processes.
• Experience with Python