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Plus One Generation family is a team of passionate developers who are a good hand at Node.js. We are engaged in Full Stack JavaScript, Agile/eXtreme practices, writing tests, coding and quality. Our company is for people who love to share ideas, learn and work in joint collaborative environment.
3 мая 2019

Middle Node.js developer (вакансия неактивна)


We are looking for a cool developer who is a hand at Node.js programming platform. If you learn new technologies, share ideas with the team and want to work in a joint environment, we found you.

Our team has huge experience with Node.js for more than five years. We are engaged in Full Stack JavaScript, Agile/eXtreme practices, tests and coding. Our team spirit is in loving and living to code. We are a family of devoted developers which works with the most challenging projects. It is easy to master development skills together with us. We keep our culture in helping, mentoring, training and learning.

From you OK to have:
· 2+ year programming background
· Hands-on experience with Node.js
· Knowledge of Angular (if basic — it is also ok)
· NoSQL, MongoDB, Redis
· Written and spoken English (frequent meetings, planning and retrospectives with our customers)

From us MUST have:
· An ongoing exchange of information, skills development, training
· Immersion in back-end development
· Processing of big data, microservice architecture and algorithms
· Usage of different technologies
· Competitive salary
· Full-time with an energetic friendly team
· Daily music at the office

If you want to join the dynamic and technology-mad team, feel free to contact us!