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Киев, Malta

🤘Playson is a leading online gaming supplier, founded in 2012, which has developed worldwide recognition in the industry. We offer complete gaming solutions based on the latest technologies and detailed market analysis for the leading iGaming operators.

As of 2020, we are continuously working on enhancing our portfolio, encompassing best practices in order to meet the highest standards of technology, design, support and interoperability.

Our team of like-minded people operates and believes in our core values, which guide us through:

🔷 Put People First. People are above everything
We believe in creating a caring atmosphere for Playson community. Transparency, tolerance and mutual support are things that help us reach the highest level of communication, trust and loyalty.
🔷 Be accountable. Maturity in DNA
We have no space for micromanagement, instead — high level of accountability. Every Playsoner is a self-starter, who acts mindfully, respectively and functions as a productive member of the team. We believe in a win-win environment and act accordingly.
🔷 Embrace the change. Growth is in agility
There is no growth without adaptability to dynamic tech world. This translates through innovation and the latest technologies we are welcoming in Playson. With all this, not only we grow as a company, but also each and every individual is supplied with challenging environment which helps to expand professional expertise.
🔷 Bring meaningful value. Practice creativity and deliver results
Every Playsoner can measure personal influence on a product and company via strategy, precise personal goals and OKR system. Our decisions are guided by evidence and data. We deliver products to the market with passion and hunger for success.

Playsoners hit and reach their targets from Kyiv and Malta offices as well as other EU countries on remote basis.
We do not limit ourselves and always seeking for better solutions.

Wanna be a part of the ever-growing iGaming world? Our team of TOP market experts would be happy to have you with us and conquer together. Challenge yourself and join us!
Do what you are passionate about in an innovative and rewarding environment, where your impact matters.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/playson
Twitter: twitter.com/playsononline
Vimeo: vimeo.com/playson
YouTube: www.youtube.com/...​/UCCm5uBk_dj8IgatajsqWKtw"

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