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Київ, Братислава (Словаччина), Cyprus, Malta

🤘Playson is a B2B game provider with 11+ years of experience on the market.
Since 2012 we have ambitiously developed worldwide recognition in the industry. Nowadays, our main focus is on regulated European Markets and we operate in 20+ different jurisdictions.
As of 2024, we are continuously working on enhancing our portfolio, encompassing best practices in order to meet the highest standards of technology, design, support and interoperability.

Our team of like-minded people operates and believes in our core VALUES, which guide us through:

🧬 Build extraordinary Products, achieve extraordinary Results.
We don’t want to build something ordinary, we want to build only extraordinary things. We are crazy about and obsessed with the product quality, regardless of what our product is — games, back-end services, internal events, or building excellent relations with our customers. We get ’high’ on our products, and their commercial performance is the best measure of success.
🧬 Up or Out.
We want to create a high-achieving and productive working environment with a meaningful impact. In order to be a front-runner, we must go big with bold ideas and decisions whilst regularly presenting things we believe in!
Playsoners embrace the change and initiate it if something does not seem to be right, are ready to grow and learn; if there’s a decision taken, then you either go up or out.
🧬 Fail fast. Learn fast.
We recognize that when you wish to be faster than the competition, you need to experiment and while doing so you will fail sometimes. We favor failure recovery over failure avoidance, prototype and ship ideas fast to validate them with the market, make fast decisions, and don’t tolerate unneeded bureaucracy and consensus trap.
🧬 Be a Playsoner!
Every Playson employee is outstanding and does their best to enable the success of the best possible product. It’s a safe environment to be brave and to speak up. It’s an environment where people keep their word and openly share knowledge. It’s an environment where everyone understands the meaning and impact of their work and is rewarded based on merit.

Playsoners hit and reach their targets from Kyiv and Malta offices and other EU countries remotely.
We do not limit ourselves and always seeking for better solutions.

Wanna be a part of the ever-growing iGaming world? Our team of TOP market experts would be happy to have you with us and conquer together. Challenge yourself and join us!
Do what you are passionate about in an innovative and rewarding environment where your impact matters.

🇺🇦 Playson vs military russian invasion in sovereign Ukraine
We have always been supportive through variant political and social-economic disasters. In response to the unprecedented military invasion of Ukraine by russian federation, Playson is on a mission to help Ukrainian Military Forces, local volunteers, cyber forces community to fight back and protect its sovereignty by all possible means.

In the meantime, our employees and their families’ safety remains of high priority. We have launched a special social package program aimed to:
➟ Relocate employees and their families to safe places in western Ukraine
➟ Support financially such employees in Ukraine
➟ Launch few location points sponsored by Playson, so that our employees and their families could be staying in the safe place with all the amenities
➟ Establish new hub in Slovakia, EU
➟ Relocate employees and/or their families by their own will to our new hub in Slovakia with local legal-finance guidance
➟ Help those willing to volunteer to combine it with work with no financial loss in their income
➟ Support mental health by having a member of the Ukrainian Association of Psychoanalysis available for online 1×1 consultations

We stand by Ukraine!
Все буде Україна 💙💛


Ambitious goals request the ability to maneuver through changes in the world quickly. Playson is all about that.
Join us today! For any additional inquiries, please email us at [email protected].

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