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Playrix is an international mobile game developer with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. We are one of the top 3 mobile game companies in the world and the largest in Eastern Europe. Our titles, which include the games in the Scapes™ series along with Manor Matters, Fishdom, and Township, are played by over 100 million people every month.

The key to our success is our talented team. With more than 4,000 professionals around the world, we solve unique challenges and set new quality standards for the entire industry.

Our unique corporate culture is a separate source of pride. We believe that people are more important than processes, and that creativity and talent only reach their full potential in an environment of freedom. That’s why Playrix lets its employees work remotely from anywhere in the world, or in any of the company’s 17 offices. And as long as they achieve the necessary results, our employees can manage their time as they please.

Are you a game design, IT, art, animation, marketing, QA or recruiting professional? Do you want to make hits?

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