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Platon (ООО «Платежи онлайн») — украинское дочернее предприятие холдинга HowPeoplePay (Нидерланды) осуществляет процессинг платежей и предоставляет услуги широкому спектру украинских участников рынка. Нам доверяют и с нами сотрудничают: 95 квартал, IMAX, 27.ua, Бизнес конструктор, Kasa.in.ua, Планета Кино, Lotto, BergHOFF, Samsung и другие.
11 сентября 2019

IT Project manager


Необходимые навыки

— At least 4 years proven working experience as PM;
— Proficiency in Agile principles;
— Expertise in SDLC;
— Skills of using different methodologies (Scrum, Kanban) and techniques;
— Expertise in JIRA;
— Experience in managing cross-functional teams, 5+ employees;
— Ability to find compromises between business needs and capabilities of the team.


— career growth;
—possibility to influence on the product component;
— independent decisions making within your area of responsibility;
— flexible working hours;
— high salary;
— medical insurance;
— paid sick leaves;
— ability to work remotely;
— ability to take part at events and conferences;
— corporate training (paid by the company);
— free English courses in the office;
— comfortable office (walking distance from Kontraktova metro station).


— Weekly sprint planning;
— Control of tasks making by the team of developers;
— Daily meetings, updates;
— The introduction of retrospective;
— Organization of grooming;
— Business tasks analysis for the team of developers:
— Priorities; — Development and testing timelines;
—Risk Analysis;
— Optimization of development processes;
— Team motivation;
— Recruitment and development of developers team;
— Monitoring the deployment process;
— Control of tasks making quality.

О проекте

We, IT / Fintech, Platon, a Ukrainian subsidiary of HowPeoplePay Holding (the Netherlands), process payments and provide services to a wide range of European e-commerce market participants, and now to Ukrainian companies.


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