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We're a fully remote team thus we do not have an office. Most of our developers are based in Ukraine.

PLANEKS is an outsourcing IT company. We’re a fully remote and flexible team. Our employees get freedom, while customers get awesome service.

Our technical stack is Python and Javascript for web development.
We create software and provide technology consulting services, help our international clients to build a team, fill expertise, and technological gaps.

Our clients are companies and startups from Europe, Australia, and North America, working in various industries. Right now there are 15+ industries.

PLANEKS is about people and technology. Open-minded people and technology that together let the world go over boundaries, change businesses for better and connect people. We value initiative, ideas, and passion in our colleagues and partners. Collaborating with PLANEKS means more than just work or project, it is building a new lifestyle.

As an employee of the company, you can improve your professional level by working in international teams, participate in the decision-making process, get tangible results and implement your ideas. Our business model is based on partnership, which involves working directly with the team, trust and the ability to influence the customer’s business.