Since 2021, Pixoft has continually expanded its portfolio with superior, cutting-edge technology implementation into clients’ existing business architecture and developing innovative products from scratch. We are focusing on the problem-solving solutions that augment our clients’ workflow, decrease process cost expenses and bring additional value to their products and services.

Pixoft team is not a simple supplier of services but a reliable partner that provides clients’ IT safety and high profit. We value our customers’ success as much as our own — sharing development risk, so they can be courageous when adopting new technologies. Our main principle is to ensure that our developed and implemented solution fully satisfies clients’ demands and brings a high value to his business.

Machine Learning & Computer Vision:

Predictive analytics
Prediction with missing data
Pattern recognition solutions
Data management: statistics,
databases & deep analytics

Development & Integration:

Enterprise systems integration
Monitoring systems
Computer vision
Object recognition
Device interconnectivity
Auto programmed systems
Device management APIs

Blockchain& Data management:

Record keeping
Data management &
Supply chain
Compliance reporting & audit
Track and trace systems