Pine Software

21...80 спеціалістів
Київ, Ларнака (Кіпр)

We are a full production cycle company engaged in creating software for the financial industry connected with the financial markets. We combine significant experience with expertise of building software products to create the next big thing.
Our team consists of over 50 developers, designers and managers collaborating on the creation of modern products in an environment that fosters personal growth, creativity and goal achievement.
Our head office is located in sunny, sometimes scorchy Larnaca, Cyprus, and we have an office located in Kyiv as well.

At PineSoftware we get and share first-hand experience with financial markets, processing market data, creating trading systems, financial reporting, statistics analyzing in building and maintaining complex software products.

We do our best not to stick to firm industry standards and produce innovative solutions for professional end users.

Our core activity and focus is creating innovative trading and data analysis software.
The technologies we use are mainly C++ and C#.
About 30 devs and managers are currently engaged in the project.

Our second focus is BackOffice related projects aimed at creating analytics, statistics, reporting parts. The project is also aimed at automating various company processes and creating work modules that modernize work for different infrastructure departments.
15 devs and managers are currently engaged in the project exploiting Python, Django, JS and Vue.JS.

Our teams work remotely at the moment. However, we plan a partial returning back to office once the covid-19 pandemic situation eases off and we can be more confident in the safety of our employees.