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Pindify is a SaaS platform for creative providers, from virtually every genre and industry where they create, recruit, pay their teams, reach 100% of their following and make money in a number of innovative ways.

Pindify offers a solution for artists, influencers, and musicians who can build a strong creative strategy, align branding, and reduce the time spent managing an EP or book release. Providers on Pindify earn from subscriptions, donations, sponsorships, (and our development team is working tirelessly to implement our soon-to-arrive e-commerce features).

Facts worth mentioning:

— Pindify has two main offices: One in Stockholm, Sweden, where our sales and marketing teams are located, and another in Lviv, Ukraine, where are development and strategy teams are located.
— Pindify specializes in promoting the production of creative content from various genres and industries by artists and entertainers from across the globe.
— You define your schedule. Flexible hours and no overtime required. We only require an honest workweek of 40 hours.
— Beginning on your hire date, Pindify allows 20 working days of annual paid vacation. There is no required “probation” period to earn paid vacation time.
— Finally, and most importantly, we bring passion to our work. By joining Pindify’s team, you will have the opportunity to join a community where every idea and team member is valued, and every team member has the chance to have their ideas implemented.

We’re always looking for talented individuals to join our team. So if you can’t find the position you were looking for — feel free to contact us:

[email protected]