PIN-UP.TECH develops software for the iGaming industry, specializes in technological solutions.
18 квітня 2023

Software Architect (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, Варшава (Польща), Лімасол (Кіпр), віддалено

The PIN-UP.TECH company is looking for a Software Architect to join and strengthen the Architects team.

The main responsibilities and duties are collaborating with BA and stakeholders, analyzing user stories and converting them to technical (development) language — specification creation (system operation system commands and system events ) based on DDD architecture, high-level and low-level diagrams building (UML2.0/C4 model), API design (protobuf, Swagger). In addition inter-team collaboration would also take place. And last but not least helping teams to implement them.


— Experience as a Technical Lead/Software Architect 2+ years
— Сommercial development experience 7+ years , using Golang 2+ years
— Experience in building high-performance systems
— Experience in designing microservice systems with the principles of fault tolerance, horizontal scaling, high availability
— Application of TDD/EDD/DDD/12-factor app practices
— Expert knowledge of industry recognized reference architectures, architectural patterns and styles (SaaS, SOA, N-Tier, Layered Architecture, MVC, Client-Server, Message Bus, etc)
— Strong system design skills
— Practical knowledge of containers (Docker, Kubernetes)
— Experience DBA(SQL/NoSQL) and messaging services (Kafka, NATS, ...)
— Data structure(protobuf, JSON, ...)
— Design of schemes UML2.0/C4 model
— Working with cloud providers such as GCP\AWS
— Estimation and scope decomposition
— Expert knowledge of design, coding, unit testing, configuration management best practices
— Expert knowledge of development tools, libraries, frameworks
— English language, B2+

— Evaluation and clarification of incoming functional business requirements from customers and business analytics in specification format
— Creation of technical specifications following functional business requirements
— Building of services and infrastructure architecture according to technical specifications
— Control of compliance of new solutions to the general architecture
— Technical risks evaluation for services performance and infrastructure, and potential solutions development for mitigation
— Services and infrastructure evolving and optimization
— Performance, security, and stress testing planning and supervision found vulnerabilities and issues resolving
— Architecture and technical solutions presentation and discussion with technical Leads and members
— Supervision of technical solutions compliance to project requirements
— Maintenance of technical documentation and development regulations
— Requirements analysis, technical design, scope decomposition, and estimation with the technical teams
— New projects and services of the company evaluation for compliance with the existing regulations and methodologies
— Mentor development team members and Senior technical staff in the architecture area
— Establishment and development of new technological practices for the company

Will be plus:
— Experience in GitOps, Terraform, Helm/ArgoCD
— Observability stack(Grafana)
— Computer science degree
— Knowledge of software quality metrics (Loose coupling, cyclomatic complexity, code coverage, etc)
— Continuous learning and self-development

Soft Skills:
— Responsibility
— Sociability
— Proactivity
— Self-organization