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Pharmbills is an outstaffing company working with clients from the USA.

We have provided American companies with what they need — exceptional professionals, employees whose work ethic, knowledge, skills, and commitment to excellence have no boundaries. We help American companies grow, increase productivity, reduce costs and maintain professionalism.

We started in 2015 in healthcare, one of our core expertise areas. Over the years, we’ve expanded into finance, accounting, IT support, and customer service. We have a strong team of 800+ people who are passionate about what they do and who are growing every day. We are growing at a breakneck speed, with about 50 team members joining our company every month, which is nothing short of encouraging!

Today we got teams in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Georgia and Uzbekistan.

We are always looking for a team of those who speak English at a level from Upper-Intermediate and above (B2, C1, C2, ∞).

Pharmbills is a unique experience and an opportunity to work with America without leaving Ukraine. Join and develop with us!

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