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21 сентября 2018 11:42

Dmytryk Skorokhod, Senior iOS Developer в Noteworth

Any company has its own strengths and weaknesses. I’ve been staying at Perfectial for about two years because of their English classes. Attending the classes you will have learned the grammar perfectly, and you will practice a lot. If Solomia, who is my teacher at Perfectial, was my university lecturer, I would work at least for Facebook now. It’s such a pity none of three universities I studied at had such an amazing professor. I should have found such great classes much earlier.

I’ve completed Perfectial’s Upper-Intermediate course and have been recommended for an Advanced group which has started this month. After completing the course my level has become at least half as much better again as the initial one, whilst I’d worked with the American and the Irish previously. I recommend to attend not only the regular classes, but also Solomia’s speaking club which she prepares a lot of fascinating activities for. Believe me the studying is fun.

Also I’d like to mention the coffee isn’t bad at Perfectial.


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