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About us

Since 2019, PeopleForce has been helping to build a strong corporate culture in companies, and optimize HR and recruiting processes through automation and digitalization.

Now PeopleForce is an all-in-one, cloud-based HRM/HRIS solution for HR optimization, to manage HR processes and recruitment. The platform works as a SaaS solution, with more than 40,000 active users. The portfolio of companies using PeopleForce includes Rakuten, BMW, SkyUp, Ajax, SE Ranking, and many more.

Our primary goal is to help companies, from small businesses to large enterprises, automate routine and time-consuming tasks to free up time for focusing on the talent itself.

About our HRM system

The platform has 6 full-fledged products, which cover different HR needs. This includes management of: HR processes, recruiting, hiring and onboarding, performance, feedback, time management, and case management of the team. PeopleForce helps companies build a culture of high performance. We drive your business to focus on people and talents above all. Our system is a great example of how one product can combine all the features you need to manage your HR processes. We are working to make PeopleForce a single hub for handling all tasks from one place, so that you can go into one account and solve your issues in a few clicks, without using unnecessary tools and programs. Visit our website to check more information about our product.

We want PeopleForce to show a unique face to the world. And if you’re passionate about working in a dynamic, fast-growing company with cutting-edge technology, smart colleagues, and opportunities for development, join us to drive the HR industry together!