19 червня 2019 13:55

Виктория Гарбар, Business Development Manager в Peiko

I had to work in different companies, but with confidence, I can say that Peiko is exactly the place where the workflow and the atmosphere contribute to the development of each employee

It is probably worthwhile to settle on two important points — this is the team and management. People with whom you have to work are purposeful, cheerful, and most importantly, friendly people.

I worked in the sales department, for this I saw how to relate to customers and how carefully they approach the issues and difficulties of potential customers. This is a company that is a technical partner for customers, and not just outsourcing.
In the company there are projects of different types, work is being done both on products and outsourcing of the development team.

Openness on the part of management. Every week, top managers shared with the team what was done, what was planned to be done, what path of development could be considered, answered questions and listened to the advice/opinions of employees.


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