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Peanut is a blockchain company with distributed teams around the world and roots in Ukraine.

We has been building DEX solutions for liquidity management, trading algorithms and MEV protection since 2019.

We have a lot of opportunities for experiments with different approaches and technologies in wide range of products. You’ll never get stuck in legacy support with our team and will always use cutting-edge technologies.

Join Peanut and become a part of new incredible decentralised world!

Some of our products:

1. Fair Launch
Protect liquidity and token price from sniping bots to get the most out of your DEX listing.

— Create an anti-sniping bot to protect liquidity at listing.
— Smooth price volatility and have a healthy looking chart.
— Secure extra funds for product development.
— Get full control over token listing.

2. Smart LP
Smart LP is an automated liquidity manager for Uniswap v3 that adjusts price ranges based on real-time market conditions to maximise LP profits and reduce risks.

— Put Liquidity on Autopilot.
— Always earn highest swap fees with automated liquidity price range strategies.
— Drastically reduce risks of liquidity inactivity and impermanent loss — Peanut moves price ranges based on current market conditions.

3. DEX MM Platform
Put DEX market making on autopilot with Mempool Scan and MEV technologies.

— Monitor transactions before they are mined in a block, simulate post transaction state of the chain and adjust your DEX trades accordingly.
— Create algorithmic actions based on current market conditions.
— Retain liquidity custody.
— Manage your DEX army from single interface.